Key Ingredients:

Vasa panchang (Acorus calamus), Dhataki (Woodfordia fruticosa), Dalchini (Cinnamomum verum), Ela (Elettaria cardamomum), Tej patta (Cinnamomum tamala), Nagkesar (Mesua ferrea), Kankol (Piper cubeba), Sonth (Zingiber officinale), Marich (Piper nigrum), Peepal (Piper longum), Sugandhbala (Valeriana officinalis) and other herbs.


1. Available Size : 450ml

    Basic Ayurveda's Vasarishta is an excellent herbal remedy for the treatment of respiratory diseases. It is one of the best natural remedies for respiratory problems it is an excellent lung tonic that helps to cure any respiratory or lung disease. There are many other types of syrup for the lungs but Vasaristha is an excellent syrup to get quick relief from respiratory disease. This natural and herbal tonic that boosts up the energy provides natural treatment for respiratory disease. Natural remedies for respiratory problems are safe and do not produce any side effects on the body. Herbal remedies may be taken for a longer period without getting any adverse effects. Different herbs may be combined to get quick relief from respiratory diseases. This herbal lung tonic supports the normal functioning of the lung and provides quick relief from symptoms. It helps to enhance the energy and also boosts up the immune system to provide reliefBasic Ayurveda Vasaristha may be taken regularly to get instant and permanent relief from respiratory diseases. Herbs for the lungs provide natural treatment for lung diseases.


    1. Useful in Cough

    2. Bronchitis

    3. Asthma

    4.Other Chest Infections

    5. Raktapitta

    6. Useful in Throat Infection

    7. Lung Tonic

    8. Improve Respiratory Health

    9. All type of Chest Problem

Dosage: 3 to 6 teaspoonful with equal water twice in a day  after meals or as directed by physician.

Caution: Consult with your physician prior to using any Supplemental /Ayurvedic product.

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