Papaya Meal Juice
Papaya Meal Juice

Key Ingredients:

Papaya (Carica papaya), kali mirch (Piper nigrum).

Papaya Meal Juice

1. Available Size : 500 ml

    Basic Ayurveda's Papaya Meal Juice is First Press Virgin Juice prepared with the help of fresh papaya pulp. Papaya is a tropical fruit, has a smooth texture and aromatic taste. It is particularly useful in diseases related to blood, constipation and heart. Papaya, also popularly known as the “The Fruit of the Angels”, has had a rich medicinal history since ancient times. The delicious fruit rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals provides incredibly high nutritional benefits. Basic Ayurveda's added kali mirch in Papaya Meal Juice that is why its nutritional value became twice due to the presence of black pepper. It acts as an antiseptic, antidepressant, antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory. It improves digestive fire and appetite and it helps to stimulate the digestive enzyme. No Artificial Sweeteners or colours are used in this juice.


    1. Lower Cholesterol Level

    2. Helps In Weight Loss

    3. Boost Immunity

    4. Improve Digestion

    5. Prevents Signs of Ageing

    6. Promote Hair Growth

    7. Reduce Stress

    8. Prevent Cancer

    9. Good For Eye Health

    10. Reduce Constipation

    11. Good For Diabetic Patient 

    12. Prevent From Cancer

Dosage: 30 to 60 ml daily twice a day before each meal as it is or with equal quantity of water or as directed by physician.

Caution: Consult with your physician prior to using any supplement / Ayurvedic products.

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