Soft Looz Powder
Soft Looz Powder

Key Ingredients:

Isphagul (Psyllium Husk Fibre), Sankh Bhasma, Sajjik Shar, Nimbu satva, Gulab phool and other prominent herbs.

Soft Looz Powder

1. Available Size : 100 gm

    Basic Ayurveda Soft Looz Powder is a natural laxative powder is ayurvedic based formulation to help in maintaining regular bowel movements to ensure proper cleansing of the body. It is a sugar-free, high-quality natural formula with multiple herbs and fibres. Basic Ayurvedic Soft Looz Powder is developed under stringent quality parameters with scientifically woven classical formulation to help in relieving constipation. It is well balanced with fibrous contents such as Isphagul (Psyllium husk fibre). It is purely endorsed with natural ingredients which do not alter the natural composition of our digestive system and reveal astonishing results in relieving form gastro-intestinal discomforts with long lasting effects and are very helpful in relieving from constipation. Basic Ayurveda Soft Looz with natural ingredients of carminative herbs which are described as in Ayurveda.



    1. Relief in constipation

    2. Gentle bowel movement

    3. Effective in piles

    4. Digestive disorder

    5. Detoxify digestive tract

    6. Lowering the cholesterol level

    7. Useful in piles pain

    8. Diverticulitis

    9. Cure side effects of constipation

    10. Improve appetite


Dosage: For adults 1 teaspoon (approx 6g) twice a day and for children (6 to 12 yrs), half teaspoon  twice a day with lukewarm water or juice.

Caution: Consult with your physician prior to using any suplemental/ Ayurvedic products.

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