Yogendra Ras
Yogendra Ras

Key Ingredients:

Ras Sindur, Swarn Bhasma, Kant Louh Bhasma, Abhrak Bhasma, Moti Bhasma, Bang Bhasma, Ghrit kumari Ras and other herbs.

Yogendra Ras

1. Available Size : 6 Tablets , 12 Tablets , 30 Tablets

    Basic Ayurveda Yogendra Ras is a very beneficial Rasayana because of its wide range of properties that benefit in various types of simple as well as complex forms of the diseases. This is also known to be a very beneficial Heart tonic. It also helps in the reduction of breathlessness, feeling of emptiness in the chest, unconsciousness, and lethargy (Lack of Energy).

    It is useful in the treatment of diabetes and elevated blood lipid levels in humans. Used also for healing and soothing digestive conditions such as heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome. Reduce symptoms and inflammation in patients with ulcerative colitis. It is also known to produce immunostimulant properties. When used on a regular basis this exhibits antibacterial and antifungal activities. It is also helpful in nervous disorders.



    1. Beneficial in Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)

    2. Benefit in various types of cardiac disorders

    3. Principle drug for acute myocardial infarction

    4. Beneficial in ischemic heart disease

    5. Benefits in various types of mental diseases

    6. Beneficial in vertigo or nausea

    7. Beneficial in Hysteria

    8. Beneficial in various types of Vata – Pitta diseases

    9. Benefits in Paralysis

    10. Beneficial in Facial paralysis

    11. Beneficial in Diabetes Mellitus

    12. Helps in reducing down the weakness

    13. Gives nourishment to blood vessels

    14. Beneficial in Polyurea

    15. Benefits in any type of pain

    16. Benefits in Epilepsy

    17. Beneficial in Piles

    18. Helps in retention of urine

    19. Benefits a lot in cases of insanity

    20. Gives Benefits in Hyperacidity and Acidity

    21. Beneficial in Hypertension

    22. Helps to Cure Tuberculosis

Dosage: 1-2 tablet morning and evening with honey or according to disease.

Caution: To be taken under medical supervision.

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