Trailokya Chintamani Ras
Trailokya Chintamani Ras

Key Ingredients:

Sudha para (mercury), sudha Gandhak, Heera bhasma, swarn bhasma, Chandi bhasma, Tamara bhasma, Loha bhasma, Abhrak Bhasma, Moti bhasma, Sankh bhasma, Prawal bhasma, Sudha Hartaal, Chitrak Mool and other prominent herbs and minerals. 

Trailokya Chintamani Ras

1. Available Size : 6 Tablets , 12 Tablets , 30 Tablets

    Basic Ayurveda Trailokya Chintamani ras is a herbo-mineral/metallic formulation or Ras Aushadhi of Ayurveda. The main ingredient of Rasa aushadi is Shudha Para along with the other components. This medicine is tridoshnasak and improves strength and stamina. In debility it uses gives the body new strength. It is useful in the detoxification of mercury and brings physical and chemical changes in the drug and this way increase their therapeutic efficiency.

    1. Improve digestive strength

    2. Provide strength to heart

    3. Helpful in pneumonia

    4. Useful in influenza

    5. Benefit in respiratory illness

    6. Helpful in arthritis

    7. Improve weakness or nerve

    8. Helpful in epilepsy

    9. Benefit in bleeding dysentery

    10. Helpful in piles

    11. Help to remove stone from body

    12. Help to cure tuberculosis

    13. Improve general health

    14. Good effects in liver, pancreas and intestine

Dosage: 1-1 tablet morning and evening with honey twice in a day or according to disease.

Caution: To be taken under medical supervision.


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