Key Ingredients:

Banslochan (Bamboo silica) (Bambusa arundinacea).


1. Available Size : 40 gm

    Banslochan (also known as Tabasheer, Bamboo Silica, Banslochan & Tabashir) .

     Basic Ayurveda Banslochan is used for Weak bones, Arthritis, Wrinkles, Frizzy hair, Dry skin, Cramps, Weak Nails and other conditions. It is a good source of natural Bamboo silica.

     Banshlochan has ulcer healing properties. It is useful for the treatment of ulcers and ulcerative colitis.


    1. Breathing troubles & Asthma

    2. Useful in Cough

    3. Useful in Bleeding disorders

    4. Beneficial in Mouth Ulcers

    5. Useful in Gastritis

    6. Useful in Peptic & Duodenal Ulcers

    7. Useful in Ulcerative colitis

    8. Useful in Fever

    9. Useful in habit of Geophagia (Eating earth, clay, chalk)

    10. Useful in Osteoporosis

    11. Beneficial in Hair fall

    12. Keep Nails Healthy and Strong

Dosage: For Adults--- 1/2-1 g twice in a day.

               For Pregnent women--- 1-2 g twice a day.

               For Children--- 1-3 desigram twice a day.

Caution: Consult with your physician prior to using any Supplemental /Ayurvedic product.

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