Hridayarnava Ras
Hridayarnava Ras


Shuddha Parada – Herbal purified Mercury

Shuddha Gandhaka – Herbal purified Sulphur

Tamra Bhasma – Bhasma prepared from Copper

Quantity sufficient of water decoction prepared from

Kakamachi – Solanum nigrum

Haritaki – Chebulic Myrobalan fruit rind – Terminalia chebula

Vibhitaki – Belliric Myrobalan fruit rind – Terminalia bellirica

Amalaki – Indian gooseberry fruit – Emblica Officinalis Gaertn.


Hridayarnava Ras

1. Available Size : 40 Tablets

    Basic Ayurvedic Hridayarnava Ras is an Ayurvedic medicine in tablet or powder form. It is used in the treatment of heart diseases associated with the heaviness of the chest and dyspnoea etc.

    • Cardiac tonic
    • insomnia 
    • Disturbed sleep
    • Angina
    • Palpitation


    •          Helpful for Chest pain
    •          Helpful for Difficulty in breathing heaviness of chest
    •          Helpful or heart-related problems.
    •          Helps to improve heart health.

Dosage:  1-1 tablet before or after food, once or twice a day or as advised by Ayurvedic Doctor.



Caution: Consult with your physician prior to using any supplemental/ Ayurvedic products

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