Shwas Chintamani Ras
Shwas Chintamani Ras

Key Ingredients:

Loh Bhasma, Sudha Gandhak, Abhrak Bhasma, Sudha Para (mercury), swarn Makshika Bhasma, Moti Bhasma, Swarna Bhasma, Ginger juice, Mulethi and other prominent herbs and minerals.

Shwas Chintamani Ras

1. Available Size : 6 & 12 & 30 Tablets

    Basic Ayurveda Shwas Chintamani Ras is an excellent medicine containing Gold (Swarna) and pearl (Moti) Bhasmas for all Kalpha diseases like cough, cold, asthma, fever, chronic respiratory. Swarna, Moti and Abhrak are well known for their tonic and rejuvenating properties. Shwas Chintamani Ras is especially beneficial in weakness due to long - standing Asthma. It is a good alternative tonic and antispasmodic. It is useful in chronic Cough, Asthma, Phthisis, Anaemia and General Debility.

    1. Cold & cough

    2. Helpful in asthma

    3. Benefits in fever

    4. All type of respiratory disorder

    5. General debility

    6. Chronic cough

    7. Dry cough

    8. Improve strength in Lung

    9. Improve body strength

    10. All type of respiratory disease.

Dosage: 1-1 tablet morning and evening twice in day with honey or according to disease.

Caution: To be taken under medical supervision.

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