Skin Aura Drink
Skin Aura Drink

Key Ingredients:

Rakt doshantakArk, Khadirarista, Sarivadhyasav, Haridrakhand, Maha Manjisthyadikwath Ghritkumari (Aloe Vera) (Aloe barbadensis), Sudh Ghandhak and other prominent herbs and minerals.


Skin Aura Drink

1. Available Size : 225ml & 450ml

    Skin Aura Drink is herbal remedy produced by Basic Ayurveda is very beneficial in various types of skin ailments. It is a combination of rakt doshantak ark, mahamanjisthyadi kwath, khadirarista & sarivadhyasav and other prominent herbs and minerals. This is known to bring about a cure in acne, pimples, skin rashes and many other types of skin ailments ranging from acute to chronic. Basic Ayurveda Skin Aura Drink is known for its property to bring about the purification of your blood and when it does so it cures all types of skin-related diseases. It helps in the removal of factors that are mostly responsible for the occurrence of pimples and acne. It also brings about the reduction of dark spot on checks and spots on face. It helps to cures all types of chronic and complicated ring worms. Also brings about the treatment of Pruritus (severe itching of the skin), leucoderma and eczema instantaneously.


    1. Useful in Cutaneous Condition

    2. Benefit in Psoriasis

    3. Useful in Skin Rashes

    4. Beneficial in Acne

    5. Helpful in Allergy

    6. Useful in Dermatitis

    7. Useful in Hives

    8. Beneficial in Heat Spot

    9. Useful in Pimple


Dosage: 15-30ml with half cup of lukewarm water 2 to 3 times before each meal or as directed by physician.

Caution: Consult with your physician prior to using any suplement / Ayurvedic products.


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